Employee safety is a core value of our company.  BakkenLink® Pipeline is committed to the personal safety of each of its employees and contractors. By training every member of our team in the policies, procedures and all available resources, we plan to have a strong safety record and keep every employee and contractor safe.

The Pipeline Association for Public Awareness (PAPA) promotes open communication and cooperation with local organizations to enhance public safety, improve emergency preparedness, protect the environment and prevent damage to property and facilities

North Dakota Pipeline Association:

Always Call 811 Before Digging

The number one cause of pipeline accidents or problems is third party damage caused by digging.  Always call 811 or your local One-Call center to have pipelines located before digging or excavating.  One-Call is required in most states and is typically a free service.

“Calling Before You Dig” by dialing 811 connects you with your local One-Call center.  The One-Call center notifies pipeline companies and other utility operators of an upcoming excavation project and allows them time to mark the location of their underground infrastructure before excavation begins.  Wait the required time after notifying One-Call, typically two or three working days, and respect the marks while digging.  Verify with your One-Call center the required time you must wait before digging and the distance you are required to maintain in relation to the marks.

We need your help in keeping the right-of-way clear of structures, trees, or any suspicious activity for effective surveillance of the pipeline.  We ask you to become familiar with the potential hazards and information on how to prevent pipeline problems and to report any concerns.  It is unlikely you will ever experience any pipeline problems; however, if you notice any suspicious activity at or near our pipelines, valves, or pump stations, or if you suspect a leak please call 1-855-298-4556 immediately.